Vegan Avocado Shake With Hint-of-Stevia That’s Low Carb

The Vegan Avocado shake is protein packed fiber rich and a great alternative to Avocado toast. It’s super healthy for good fats, low carbohydrates with a sweet and savory.

Also, big on taste the Vegan Avocado shake is great for breakfast or lunch. Fiber is amazing for stomach digestion and helps nutrients enter the body easier. This special shake can help reduce the risk of heart disease and Type 2 diabetes and aids in weight loss.



  •  2 tbsp Organic Hemp Seed, Raw Shelled
  •  3/4 cup Almond Milk, Original (Unsweetened)
  •  1 cup Baby Spinach, Fresh (Vitamin A, Vitamin K and Folate.)
  •  1/2 fruit , without skin and seed hass Avocados
  •  1/2 tsp pure Vanilla extract
  •  1/2 tsp grated Lemon zest
  •  1 packet Stevia (Best substitute for Sugar. No after taste and all-natural.)
  •  5 Ice Cube


  1. Add the hemp seeds, almond milk, spinach, avocado, ice cubes, vanilla extract, lemon zest, and Stevia (or another naturally-derived sweetener) to the blender. (Hint: For best results, dice and freeze the 1/2 avocado about 30 minutes before prep.)
  2. Cover and puree on high speed until creamy.
  3. Pour into a chilled glass and serve.

Tip: Size of ice cubes vary.

Vegan Hint Sweet Avocado Shake

According to Medical New Today, avocados provide healthy fats, omega-3 fatty acids and fiber for important gut health.

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Furthermore, you can pump things up by adding Hemp Seeds for extra omega-3 fatty acids, protein and essential minerals.

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