Tips & Tricks for Taking The Perfect Selfie

Learn how to snap the perfect selfie from any angle. Become a selfie pro overnight using our easy to follow tips.

taking the perfect fashion selfie

There is truly an art to taking the perfect selfie

The selfie has officially passed the test of not being a fad. The release of Kim Kardashian’s selfie book and entire social networks being dominated by selfie mania. The self taken portrait is here to stay possibly forever.

Furthermore, phones are getting better equipped to take selfies and with the invention of the selfie stick everybody’s a star.

The staff at FabKulture has put together an ultimate guide to snapping the perfect selfie. You will learn everything there is to know about selfies.

Tilt Your Head On An Angle

This is one of the top tricks that will highlight your cheekbones, plus make your eyes look bigger and more fuller.

Woman taking selfieCrop In Close-ups

Sometimes change the general look of your selfies by cropping a close-up of your face. This add dynamics to your selfie arsenal and plus declutters the background. Making the focus be on beautiful you.

Improve The Lighting Around You

A simple adjustment in your current lighting can make all the difference. Natural sunlight is the best light ever, so if possible stand next to a window, front of your house door, or just go outside.

Take A Two-Handed Selfie

Use your arms as the frame and use both hands to pull the camera away from your body.

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Adjust Your Shoulder Placement

If your shoulders are parallel to the camera, turn them slightly to the left and then slightly to the right, and see what looks best.

Take A Few Video Selfies

Videos are the most popular trend right now and will be even bigger by 2020. Take a change of pace by shooting a 10-15 second video selfie looking your hottest. This video can be shared everywhere you normally share your photo selfies.

Bright Lipsticks

Wearing a sexy bright lipsticks will add a better focal point to your selfie. So pucker those lips and make it count.

Enhance The Look

Add highlighter on your cheeks, chin, nose, and forehead to give your skin an amazing glow.

Learn how to snap the perfect selfie on FabKulture

Figure Out Your Signature Pose

Finding your trademark pose should be simple since your a selfie queen already. Pick the pose you’re most comfortable and run with it, the world is yours.

Extend your Neck Forward

To completely remove any double chin in your photo, and to accentuate your jaw line, extend your neck forward.

Do you have a selfie hack you’d like to share?