Let’s face it, the Fashion Industry doesn’t give enough credit to the “Black Community” for the amount of influence and inspiration that we contribute to their brands.

How can society try to make us conform with them when in reality, they are trying to conform with us.

Everything from bantu knots to plumed lips to corn rows have been featured recently in some of the biggest editorials and runway shows.

Zendaya LocsNow, that actually is not the problem. The problem stems from the fact that there are so many models of color and black celebrities that could rock those looks yet they are ignored.

When you have 20 White models walking down the runway and one “token black girl,” that is not okay.

Don’t get me wrong, the Kardashian/Jenner clan looks cute with their 2-braids but they should never be the poster children for something that my sisters have been doing for almost 10 years.

Representation matters, so doesn’t it make more sense to give someone like Rihanna or Zendaya credit for making bantu knots and faux locks a trend instead of overlooking it until Kylie Jenner tries the look then giving her the props?

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I’m not saying that these trends aren’t meant for non-black people but I am tired of everyone claiming something that the Black Community have been doing/wearing for decades.

Rihanna Hair TwistI mean, I get why they steal our looks and hold on to it as if they are their own but some things are just best left to the originators. Our black girls are just as capable of making those trends high fashion.

Willow Smith is definitely on her way to “fashion icon” status and I love the fact that she can slay a Chanel look while sporting dreads.

Zendaya can look flawless with any hair style. Rihanna can have on a dashki and kill it while Angela Simmons struts in an outfit made from traditional African cloth.

Let Skye Townsend and FKA Twigs show us how to lay those baby hairs down and Solange teach us a thing or two about taming an afro.

As I stated before, representation matters so let Black models and influencers be the faces behind trends that stem from their very own community.

Photos: Courtesy of Pinterest