Candid Conversations With Female Entrepreneurs 5th Edition

Female entrepreneurs from all walks of life united for a night of girl power for the fifth edition of “Candid Conversations With Female Entrepreneurs” at the uber cute Indique Atlanta retail boutique.

With cupcakes and cocktails courtesy of Voscato, the panel was hosted by Brittany B. of Brand Confessions who discussed topics including work/life balance, taking ideas from dreams to reality, getting to the next level and more.

Candid Conversations With Female Entrepreneurs Panel
Brittany B (Brand Confessions), Ericka Dotson (Co-Founder, Indique), Nicole Garner (Founder, The Garner Circle PR & Entrepreneurs Ivy League), Tahira Wright (CutLifeOnline.Com), Arkeedah McCormick (ItsArkeedah.Com), Shanti Das (Press Reset & The Hip Hop Professional), Joi Mebane (Author, The Glam Executive).

Produced by Nicole Garner (The Garner Circle PR) and Shanti Das (Hip Hop Professional), the event concluded with an inspirational toast to the dreamers and doers by Ericka Doton (Indique Founder).

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Special Thanks to the Entrepreneurs Ivy League @HiEntrepreneurs, Voscato, Press Reset, Vosato and Indique.

Candid Conversations with Female Entrepreneurs is all about the fiercely fabulous female business owner. Catering to a diverse audience – whether career choice, age, ethnicity, industry or mindset, the creators of Candid Conversations want women to not feel alone in their entrepreneurial journeys.

Candid Conversations Atlanta Photo ShootWith intimate Q&A panels, femme fatale mixers, business mentor/mentee luncheons, and an online network that socially connects entrepreneuistas, Candid Conversations with Female Entrepreneurs, provides a transparent look into what women experience in this unique category.

The Candid Conversations with Female Entrepreneurs site and social media platforms provide valuable forums for sharing business tips and sparking real time conversations through online platforms and point-of-touch events, we introduce you to like-minded entrepreneurs.







Reported by Nicola Mitchell