I’m A Diamond in the Rough


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Tiffany "Miss LIV" Livingston
Tiffany "Miss LIV" Livingston is a contributing author to FabKulture. Located in Philadelphia, Pa majored in creative writing. I'm a natural beauty advocate, lover of healthy living, and theatrical dancer.

The beauty within brings forth light, a light so bright they all can see but many can’t handle its glare. Who would run from the Sunshine?

The ray of energy, the source of strength it gives. She shines, she shines so bright, who in their right mind would be afraid of her light?

Her value is PRICELESS! Many have traveled across the seas to find her. At night she’s a lurid glare under the stars making her presence known. She may intimidate unknowingly but she can’t help that she’s GLOWING.

She’s sweet, she’s kind, she’s loving and she’s longing, longing to be found. Now, where could one find such a beauty such as she? Is she there, is she near? but just know she’s not everywhere. Anything rare is deemed precious.

The fire in her eyes reflects the flame of LOVE, KINDNESS, and MEEKNESS. It’s said that “Cupids arrows were tipped with diamonds that have a magic that nothing else could never quite equal” Damn! She bad…

Until the 15th century, only Kings wore DIAMONDS, as a symbol of STRENGTH, COURAGE, and INVINCIBILITY. MMmm! She’s the ultimate gift of love made in the image of the heavens, sent to be a light.

Now, where could one find her where could she be? Many times she’s right in front of you but your too blind to see.


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