So Dark, So Lovely

Dark Girls aired last night on the OWN network. A documentary that brought life to the ever so gut wrenching dilemma within the African American community.

I Miss, LIV couldn’t wait to share my thoughts on this very subject and I feel the need to express not only for myself but for all my other dark toned sista’s who have gone through the “You pretty to be so dark” comments.

Dark Skin Beauty

Director and Producer D. Channsin Berry (Urban Winter Entertainment) and Bill Duke (Duke Media) teamed up about two years ago to help expose the skin-deep discrimination that has and still is plaguing the minds of not only little black girls but of black women as well.

As I grew up I thought I was ugly because the adults around me even my peers would talk about how dark I was.

“Being dark complected was such a bad thing to be in my eyes” Never thought I was pretty, always comparing myself to lighter complected girls thinking they were the better choice all because they received all the attention from boys and seemed to be treated better.

It really bothers me that I belong to a race whom will always be looked down on from society no matter the accomplishments made and then the worst DARK VS LIGHT theory from some of the same people who share the same struggle.

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Just recently I was over a friends house and a guest of his thought it would be okay to express his feelings on skin color (This man is dark complected himself by the way).

So he went on say to this, “I only date light skinned girls because they don’t have attitude’s like dark skinned girls”.

Wow! was the first word that came to mind and how in the world could anyone who share the same skin tone, struggle, issues etc… talk negative about the very thing they have in common?

After he saw I was upset he tried to explain himself and I just did not want to hear it.

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That remark coming from a man of my ethnicity was gut wrenching and left a bad taste in my mouth for that individual.

On another occasion a man (Dark Complected) were talking and I disagreed on a subject matter (Not sure what topic), so he got up from the chair went over to his friend and says, “Hey man whatever happened to that light skinned girl you was telling me about?”.

In his mind I’m guessing he thought he was hurting my feelings but in all actuality he was showing his ignorance. I could never put the two together, our conversation had nothing to do with skin color he was just upset that I didn’t agree so in turn he thought that talking about a light skinned girl would hurt me. The dating world within the black community is much worse though.

A friend of mine via Facebook had a topic up (Not sue of the exact topic but it was referring to race) and all the black men joined in and discriminated against skin color or black women in general by praising lighter skin or other races of women who did things better (In their minds).

Of course, it set us sista’s off and the guys seem to have loved it. I don’t think they realized the impact they made not only on the women who were sharing  comments back-and-forth, but many of those men had black daughters of their own.

Why is there so much hate within one race? Was Kanye West right when he said “New Slaves”?

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