10 Best Makeup Brushes With MUA Jessica Ruiz

Jessica Ruiz's 10 Best Makeup Brushes

Your choice of the right beauty brushes can make or break your makeup artistry

My name is Jessica Ruiz and I’m bringing you my 10 best makeup brushes plus hacks on how to use them. But more importantly the most up to date Beauty trends. So allow me to give you a little insight on who i am, as well my Background within the beauty industry.

I am a self taught pro Makeup Artist, but with a twist. I am physically disabled, with a condition called Arthrogryposis. I have limited use of both of my arms, and hands. So, I actually taught myself how to do makeup using my mouth. Yes, it’s pretty cool. Ugh! Enough about me…

Jessica Ruiz Makeup ArtistI would like to present 10 of my best makeup brushes & beauty tools, and what to expect in future articles.

So, I know a lot of you reading this, probably have tons of makeup brushes and tools, ones that you use everyday or the ones that you use for special occasions (I know I do). You are probably wondering if your favorite makeup brush topped my list.

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Let’s face it ladies, makeup brushes are such a hard topic to touch on. We have all had our fair share of “Oooo’s and Ahhh’s” and of course the “Ooooh Nooooo’s” when trying out makeup brushes.

So, I know that 10 sounds like an overwhelming number, but fear no more ladies. I will be naming the top 10 brushes… Not only top notch brands and types, but brushes and tools that fit into every budget.

You can then take the type of brushes talked about here and literally go to any beauty supply store and find your perfect beauty brush.

First and foremost, you need a foundation brush. A lot of people like using their hands when it come to applying their foundation, due to the fact that it is so much more faster, but not realizing it changes the color of your foundation due to the natural oils your fingers have (not to mention the germs and bacteria).

So, a foundation brush is almost a must. It helps to blend everything more evenly, without changing the color of your foundation and leaving your foundation looking streaky in natural sunlight.

One of my fav’s is actually by E.L.F. it is their powder brush, but believe it or not, it applies liquid and cream foundations like a dream. Plus, it’s super cheap! It literally beats all of my other foundation bushes.

E.L.F Powder Brush $4.70

ELF Power Brush

My favorite high end foundation brush is by Tarte, it is their large buffing brush it covers up a little more better, and gives you the ” airbrush ” look that ever gal wants!!

Tarte Buffing Brush $31.99

Tarte Buffing Brush Makeup

Next is a Powder Brush. Powder brushes can double and triple in uses. You can use them for applying translucent powder, setting powders, blush, and bronzer. It is so versatile, it’s absolutely insane.

MAC 134 Powder Brush $74.15

MAC 134 Powder Brush

Highlighting Fan Brush

Ok so, I really thought that this brush was completely pointless, until i decided to remove it from my junk draw and give it a whirl. OMG! I thought I knew highlight, until this brush. It applies so evenly, and picks up just the right amount of product.

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Sonia Kahsuk No.129 Fan Brush $7.99

Sonia Kashuk No 129 Brush

Eye Shadow Blending Brushes

Every girl needs one of these in their arsenal. Whether you are a pro MUA or just a girl who loves makeup, this needs to be in your makeup kit/bag. It is perfect for creating that “V” on the outer corner of your lid. Perfect for blending your crease into the transition color.

SayMeBeauty 2.5 Small Blending Brush $23.00

E.L.F Blending Brush $9.99

Now with me talking about eye makeup brushes, next would have to be an official eye-shadow brush. One that is short haired, but dense to grab hold of the shadow being applied to the eyelid or brow-bone.

Motives Cosmetics Eye Blender Brush $9.95

Sonia Kashuk No.20 Domed Eye Shadow Brush $21.99

Sonia Kashuk No 20 Makeup Brush

Brow Spoolie. Can I tell you ladies that I had no idea how to use this. I thought it was used like Mascara. I am such a true Blonde. Anyways, Brow Spoolies are used to tame those crazy little hairs that just won’t sit right.

The only thing I really hate about these is that they pick up dust like crazy. So I suggest to keep it in a carry case to avoid this from happening.

Duo Angled Brow Brush and Eyelash Comb Makeup Brushes Set with Travel Case $11.00

Duo Angeled Brow and Eyela Combo Makeup Brush

Elf Eyelash & Brow Spoolie $1.00

Angled Brushes Or Liner Brushes

Perfect for getting a precise line across the upper lash line for winged liner and it is also good for smoking out the lower lash line for a more dramatic look.

Morphe Brushes G29-angled Liner Brush $3.99

Last but most definitely not least the BeautyBlender. Ladies, seriously! This is like the sun, the moon and that stars to me when it comes to makeup sponges. Yeah, the traditional triangle sponges are OK. But If you are looking for the flawless face, this is definitely a must have.

Sometimes when using foundation brushes, it leaves you streaky (depending upon the type of brush) but the BeautyBlender smooths everything seamlessly. I Just can’t get enough.

Beautyblender – Original Beauty Blender $21.00

Beauty Blender Makeup Sponge

Well, I hope this helps you the next time you head into your local beauty supply store, in search of the best type of brushes. Keep an eye out for the next article on ways to do your makeup for your face shape. Stay Tuned!

Jessi from DreamyEyesArtistry

Instagram @dreamy_eyes_artistry

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