Battle of The Sexes: Women verses The World

Battle of the sexes

The battle of the sexes have been raging on since the beginning of time.

Sex, let’s talk about sex. Battle of the sexes, baby. I have always been a sexually liberated being, and sometimes I was reprimanded for being sexually expressive.

I want to know, what the big damn deal is? I am a grown woman. I have a healthy appetite. I protect myself. But anyways…I’ve always felt perturbed when I saw how receptive people (including women) were to men being sexually liberated.

When Flavor of Love aired in early 2006, Flavor Flav had twenty women competing for his love.

I remember my mom calling all those women sluts. Seasons later, New York from Flavor of love got her own spin-off.

She then had men competing for her love. And guess what my mom exclaimed, “Oh my God, New York is such as slut!” Okay, so in both scenarios, the women are just pure sluts, and the men are just being men!

It’s now 2012, and I still get asked the same questions from guys that I want to initiate something with (not necessarily meaning sexual activity, pervs), “So…how many guys have you had sex with. I’m not going to judge you, I’m just curious.” Negro, you do. I’m not stupid.

Though I never disclose my number, every guy that I have encountered had numbers that exceeded mine. Really, who should be apprehensive now??

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To answer the question in your boggled minds, readers, yes I know the STD/HIV rates are high. Realistically, many people who may have only had one partner contracted an STD/HIV. STD’s are not just prone to sluts.

And yes, guys, I know you want to calculate how many people your potential mate had sex with for your informal slut test. The way I see it, if you care about the person, let the past stay in the past; just get tested like real adults do. I’m not sexist; if a guy body count resembles mom’s grocery list, it’s equivalent to a woman’s body count.

The most mind-boggling thing that fucks with me is that men will call their local neighborhood woman, classmate, co-worker a whore quickly. BUT, when Rihanna expresses to the world that “she loves it when he eats” and “it’s not even her birthday, but he wants to lick the icing off” men consider that sexy.

They idolize her. They want to lick the icing off. Young boys have her posters; imagining themselves exclusively involved with her.

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What the heck makes her different than any other grown woman (other than her vocals, celebrity status, and the beats in her songs)?? The ex-exotic dancers with the fat asses get exposure in music videos then get into exclusive relationships with celebrities. What makes them any different??

It’s unfortunate that sex sells that much, yet an everyday woman gets disregarded because of her openness. It’s also a little bit disconcerting that previous artists such as Mya and Amerie are underrated because they do not ooze vulgarity in their lyrics and they don’t parade half-naked in their music videos. People, make up your minds!

I would love for my children to live in a world that is liberated and unbiased. Well, I guess I’m asking for too much…

What’s your thoughts on the battle raging on between the sexes?