Introducing Ashamarah Heath and 7ven On 7ven Fashion

Fashion Designer Ashamarah Heath and 7ven On 7ven

Houston is becoming a major hotspot for emerging young designers.

The name is Ashamarah Heath and fashion is her game. The young designer hailing from Houston, TX is making a name for herself as an emerging fashion designer and woman entrepreneur.

Do to the fact that she’s only 18 years old, yes 18. This young business professional has years of upside ahead of her.

Ashamarah, is currently working on her brand 7ven On 7ven which includes my United Girl Coalition “7ven Girls,” which is a girl group movement that is her most recent project that she plans on expanding globally.

Ashamarah explains:

“7ven Girls is an United Girl Coalition where young girls represent beauty, brains, business, entrepreneurship, sophistication, ambition, confidence, drive, leadership and femininity.”

“7ven Girls is here to positively embark on young women as a whole. The purpose is to open doors to more opportunities, to change the outlook on young women, to show young women that there is bigger picture than just being a “woman.”

“7ven On 7ven on the other hand is my brand that is composed of many of my own endeavors. I have already launched my clothing apparel 7ven On 7ven. Which includes quality looks for young women at an affordable price. I want to be a representation for the youth; a stepping stone for the future.”

Where it all started: The idea came about mid-May of 2014, I was 17 at the time, I am 18 now, I felt the need to do something.

I had so much ambition that I created 7ven On 7ven to motivate myself to be more proactive and get out of my comfort zone and make my dream my reality!

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Behind the name: Honest to God, there were nights I was just so frustrated with coming up with the perfect name. I ended up praying about it several times before bed. The next day the first thing on my mind was ‘7ven On 7ven’ – I just went with it.

Advice: I’ve always told people to not be afraid to open your mouth and speak. You have to communicate in order to explore your horizons.

People are not always going to agree with you, but don’t lose sight of your vision. Always put your best foot forward and step into your own idea.

What’s Next: As a young woman I want to continue to build the brand 7ven On 7ven. Not only as an online retailer, but brand it around young women having a business mentality.

7ven is about being young, having fun and being about your business. Right now as I am stepping into the college world, I still want to push my image as a 7ven Girl and always staying focused on the goal.

Favorite Quotes:

Don’t be afraid to open your mouth and speak. — Ashamarah Heath

People are not always going to agree with you – don’t lose sight of your vision. — Ashamarah Heath

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